Content is king for SEO

There will be many tips to boost your SEO throughout this SEO tutorial. However, lets start with a tip that is not directly related to SEO. If you remember one tip, it is this one:

Fresh quality content is king for SEO

If you want your site to do better, make a daily commitment to add more content to your site.

Yes, with this font, it almost feels like shouting but this I wanted to make sure it sinks in... obviously we are not just done yet with traffic boosting techniques and there will be other tips throughout this SEO tutorial that do make a difference too. However, if you remember just this one tip, you are already off to a good start :)

Search engines like googlebot love fresh content, they get a temporary boost in ranking. A good way to do this is publish content gradually on a daily basis. Not only does it keep the search engines happy but it will actually get visitors interested and give them an incentive to come back more often.

It may be tempting to just put crappy content or duplicated content from sites like wikipedia... but this is a big no no:

  • Duplicated content is detected automatically by search engines and will eventually get you penalties in robots rankings
  • crappy content may get visitors to come in once but eventually visitors blacklist the site in their mind

A good way to insure that you have content added regularly is to write a chunk of articles in advance and schedule them to be published at regular intervals (daily or twice a day is good... more content is always good but does not hurt but does not necessarily help your cause)

Some sites I have done like have ranked very quickly for the targeted keywords simply because there was a lot of original content.