PHP 5.6 is out

PHP 5.6 released, from the release notes… with a quick glance, nothing major in most use cases but still worth the upgrade, especially since there are a few security fixes. Post memory usage down 300% (I like that), attachments larger than 2 gb, constant scalar expressions (I like that) and other constant goodies, php://input is reusable, unified default encoding, new variadic (variable parameters) functions syntax. phpdbg improvements and a many minor changes/bug fixes.

The full change log is at

Evaluate your php skills

I cam across an interesting page this morning, on testing PHP knowledge,

If you are a developer, then it is certainly worth taking a look at, making sure you know all constructs talked about. As the saying goes, ‘if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail to you.’ It is important to know more than one way of doing things and though you certainly do not need to know all PHP keywords/functions to write great code, it is always good to help you write higher quality code that is more simple to read while potentially being more efficient as well.

If you are hiring php developers, then this can be used as an inspiration. Some of the most common questions like telling the difference between get and post are not necessarily indicative of coding skill.

lenovo acquired motorola mobility

Though the transaction is not yet completed, Lenovo is definitely on my radar. After it acquired IBM’s server business earlier this year, it is moving towards purchasing Google/ Motorola Mobility. Interestingly, google selling for ~3billion after buying it for $10 billion .

As a side not, after the recent patent deals across phone manufacturer, would it be a signal their patent wars that has been raging over the last few years is over? Nothing official yet but it sure looks like it.

More details at .