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PHP Tutorial

PHP Tutorial - This php tutorial covers the basics This tutorial was written a long time ago back in the days of PHP... It is neither finished, polished or complete... I hope that there will still be some useful content to some. There used to be a more complete version of this tutorial, unfortunately it was lost in a disk crash. Hopefully, with time, I will bring up the quality of this version. [sb_child_list]

Coldfusion to PHP

Though, determining the exact strategy to port websites from coldfusion to php requires a look at the code and the data, I found that many times, in my experience, ports are not as daunting as they looks for most sites.

Porting Process cheat sheet

Indeed, most of the sites involved a relatively straight forward process and  below, you will find a summary of how I approached the porting process: colfusiontophp

Process Explained

This process involves the following phases:

Porting tips