Google glass source code released

The source code to the kernel of google glass has been released. I guess all I need is a device now.

The project really seems exciting and I would really love to try it but call me old fashioned if I humbly believe I would probably find tiring having information superimposed all the time. That said, I have not tried it so I have no idea how annoying it can be to be wearing them long term.

Yahoo UI 3.10 is out

Yahoo has come out with a new version of its Javascript UI components, available at . The new release includes major speed boost. You may have to rewrite some of your code.

nGinx 1.4 is out

Great alternative to apache web server, version 1.4 of nginx is out.

It seems to include among others:

  • Better compatibility between ssl and perl module (ngx_http_perl_module)
  • Incorporation of features from 1.3 branch:
    _ Web socket Proxy
    OCSP Stapling (OCSP is used for SSL Certificate validity check)
    SPDY Support (Google’s http extension for better performance)
    Gunzip support

on passwords

I came across an interesting blog post that basically says:

  • Encrypt Passwords with a good algorithms such as md5
  • Salt encrypted passwords
  • Let people input their own security questions
  • Don’t put rules on passwords – the regular password for the user may not fit. I personally ad that obviously weed out standard dictionary words and but give people flexibility

More details here

Has Microsoft lost its vision?

Dark days for Microsoft: After losing its head of Windows development, now its head CFO has just left the company. It seems all high profile people at Microsoft from Bill Gates to Ray Ozzie are running away one after another as the company keeps shooting itself in the foot and it seens the company has a lot of trouble finding itself:

  • From Windows phone to Windows 8, it seems that it is going out of its way to make Windows more difficult to use. 
  • The eroding shares of Internet explorer, once the king of browsers has turned it from a monopoly to a minority.
  • Bing, despite a lot of efforts and money invested seems to have difficult time increasing its market share.
  • As a consequence of these multiple costly mistakes, Android tablets and now Chrome books have become a direct threat to its core Windows platform.

As more and more fingers point to Steve Ballmer, it seems Microsoft is losing its dominance. Yes, earnings are up but in my humble opinion, the company either needs a major direction correction ASAP or like the titanic, it will eventually sink very quickly.


Jquery 2.0 is out

It is official, jQuery 2.0 is out. A major rewrite of the library that includes, among others, reduced size and supports custom builds to reduce size even further.

Though syntax should be largely compatible with 1.0, I will personally wait before I start using 2.0: support for legacy browsers such as IE6 through IE8 has been removed and due to browser shares, I feel it is too premature to upgrade.