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nGinx 1.4 is out

Great alternative to apache web server, version 1.4 of nginx is out.

It seems to include among others:

  • Better compatibility between ssl and perl module (ngx_http_perl_module)
  • Incorporation of features from 1.3 branch:
    _ Web socket Proxy
    OCSP Stapling (OCSP is used for SSL Certificate validity check)
    SPDY Support (Google’s http extension for better performance)
    Gunzip support

on passwords

I came across an interesting blog post that basically says:

  • Encrypt Passwords with a good algorithms such as md5
  • Salt encrypted passwords
  • Let people input their own security questions
  • Don’t put rules on passwords – the regular password for the user may not fit. I personally ad that obviously weed out standard dictionary words and but give people flexibility

More details here

Last year for windows XP

As a web developer, I welcome the fact that windows XP will soon be end of lifed (in one year). Hopefully, this means that after that, finally, people will running more recent software – including browsers.

It would be so nice if ie7 and ie6 finally vanished off the map (ideally, ie8 as well – but let’s be realistic, it will be around for a while).

That said, with chrome and firefox having a market share of over 70%, it seems IE has become a lot less relevant lately

Firefox 20 is out

one of these days, I will get used to this new numbering scheme of firefox… not yet though. Anyway, Firefox 20 is out with multiple in private browsing session.

The most interesting interesting feature as a developer seems to be the new javascript profiler tool… not yet sure how that works though