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Google glass source code released

The source code to the kernel of google glass has been released. I guess all I need is a device now.

The project really seems exciting and I would really love to try it but call me old fashioned if I humbly believe I would probably find tiring having information superimposed all the time. That said, I have not tried it so I have no idea how annoying it can be to be wearing them long term.

Yahoo UI 3.10 is out

Yahoo has come out with a new version of its Javascript UI components, available at . The new release includes major speed boost. You may have to rewrite some of your code.

Jquery 2.0 is out

It is official, jQuery 2.0 is out. A major rewrite of the library that includes, among others, reduced size and supports custom builds to reduce size even further.

Though syntax should be largely compatible with 1.0, I will personally wait before I start using 2.0: support for legacy browsers such as IE6 through IE8 has been removed and due to browser shares, I feel it is too premature to upgrade.

Sony launches 2gb/s internet connections for $51 in Japan

Maybe it is time to move to Japan. Sony just introduced 2gigabit per second connections in Japan for $51 per month… Since my connection has trouble streaming a simple tv program at a price higher than that… I am tempted to ask… Hello, us providers, where are you? Google fiber, which is only experimental and is touted as next gen internet for the us is more expensive for half the cost.. and not even available everywhere

WordPress Worm currently wreaking havoc around the web

There seems to be a worm currently brute forcing thousands of wordpress sites. Please make sure your wordpress install is up to date and that you do not use an easy to guess password. In addition, I would use a username other than admin for admin purposes.

More details here .

Google forks webkit

It looks like Google has forked webkit. Though unfortunately, it means worrying about one more rendering engine, the good news is that opera will be using blink, the new rendering engine as well. Also, most people who use chrome auto update their browsers and will be getting the new engine automatically.

Though they did that because they plan a major overhaul to the engine, removing among others dead code, I dont expect major changes in the near future. Hopefully it will bring in better performance boosts and more reliability to the browser.

Webdevpower ported to wordpress

It’s here, WebDev power running wordpress. It features a brand new theme, typo fixes, an easier access to pages and a separate blog. Some urls may have moved but all content should be there and there are new sections as well (such as wordpress).

Stay tuned for brand new content coming soon.