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My new year resolutions

Time for new year resolutions 🙂

  • 30 mega pixels with 12x optical zoom… get a sharper image about the world I live in
  • 1920×1600 widescreen … work on my weight by making things smaller (not my brain obviously)
  • = localhost (dns resolution) … unleash the geek in me
  • 365 dpi (365 days per iteration or dpy days per year if that makes you more happy)
  • resolution of world peace… haha, yeah right 🙂
  • reese-solution – buy a box of reese chocolate
  • brie-solution – buy some brie, yummy 🙂
  • grease-solution … clean things up in my life 🙂
  • re-solution – copy paste my last year’s resolution… at least I’ll sound I know what I am doing

Free(functions) movement! (geek humor)

Geek humor of the day (if you do not know java or .net… you probably want to skip this one haha and no there is no hidden political message in there either):

Inspired by the Java spring movement, a function that could not work properly has killled its own process by calling its destructor function.

According to a .net delegate who asked to remain an anonymous function for fear of retribution, not enough allocated space and a heavy workload made the overloaded function work in race conditions all the time… at one point there was an overflow of work and the poor processor who had not been able to go to the bathroom for a while dumped its core in public.

Raising an exception, a sympathy event was immediately raised by other overworked functions asking for more protection in their work… the protest against data corruption eventually caused a general protection fault and the OS authorities were eventually forced to declare a general protection fault… the ensuing violence took with it countless lives of innocent programs who only asked for the right to exist

Is programming with class, racism? Is it ethically right to objectify them? I move to declare all functions equal and give them all an equal opportunity work/run like all others in public. May they also have their right to privacy and property… may they also have the right to run without being bugged a million times a second haha 🙂

What next? will the os authorities import migrant functions from other assemblies? let us all hope for the best